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Ok what is a digital tutor? Well it depends on your needs might be. i have worked one on one with students, business folk and seniors to help them understand everything digital from how to use graphic tools like photoshop, to how to build a website , to email marketing or something as simple as how to use an iPad or iPhone. I also produce for my traditional students quick hit videos and share them on youTube for my digital tutoring clients. i am available to teach you how to get the most from your new gadget or how to get your business maximizing technology .

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ux designer

What is ux? The acronym stand for user experience , in the past it has been called xd ( experience design), user centric design and many other terms. It really is a holistic approach to design encompassing visual design, information architecture, interaction design, user psychology , seo ( search engine optimization—getting to the top in google) and much more. It is the overlap of an visual artist , interaction designer and coder/developer so the ux designer must be able to speak the visual language , the business language and the coders language of the project. I have been a ux designer long before the term was coined and continue to work in the ux world.



In the end good design by its inherent nature is ux design.

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Yes you can actually buy the photograph -not that I really expect you to do so!



web design & digital consultancy.

glorimar interactive is currently focusing on small business and non-profit groups to help them understand and use technology the best way for their organization. Often business are pushed into an "overkill" CMS ( most often WordPress, Drupal, Joomla) because that is what the designer/developer knows and can charge the maximum amount of money for…but often this is too much for the small business or non profit. These groups often want only a web presence and the ability to update text and photos under their control. This is exactly what glorimar interactive supplies - clean modern design with high ease of use for the non-technical ! Our websites,  as well as all other services, are "approachable" We do not try to babble you with Techno-speak we provide a simple clear cost effective plan to meet your goals!

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glorimar  interative is nom de plume of chrsitopher t macdonald a ux designer and digital media instructor in southeastern ma .


I worked in the mid 1990’s as a web designer long before there were any institutions offering classes in the subject. I was engaged in creating some earlier eLearning tools at one place of employment which required the use of Macromedia Flash 3, the interactive web tool. The bug had bitten and I began teaching myself Flash, I spent most of the late 1990’s and early 2000’s as a Adobe Certified PhotoShop and Flash expert. My career evolved into the world of XD (Experience Design), User Centric or what is now UX (User Experience) design for many companies including Bose, EMC and PTC and as a UX/Visual Design Director for new media consultancy Gen3 Partners of Boston MA.


In the early 2000’s I began teaching web design and Flash to college students as an adjunct faculty member at UMass/Lowell. I taught at other state and private colleges as the first of the web design classes where being offered in earnest. I found I enjoyed teaching and continued to do so while maintaining contract positions in many major companies in the Boston area. About 5 years ago I was presented with the opportunity to teach New Media Design as a full time career and jumped at the chance. I currently teach “Design Concepts for New Media”, Digital Manipulation (Photoshop), Digital Illustrations (Illustrator), Layout Design (InDesign and Dreamweaver and now Muse), Introduction to Web Design (basic HTML, CSS and Java script) , Experience Design and in the past I have taught Actionscript and Flash.


I now have over 10 years experience teaching as well as close to 25 years doing professional design in both traditional and new media. I love sharing knowledge and ideas about design with the generation that will create the next iPhone, YouTube and Facebook! I have both professional experience and up to date knowledge to guide my students. I find that in new media you can never stop learning and changing. So we know that technology uses come and go,( HTML table layout, CSS positioning, CMS, flat file CMS and not sure what is next...but I could make an educated guess).



In the end good design is “good design”, good UX design is “good design”, good interaction design is “good design”, and truly good design is not noticed but experienced!–me